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Commitment To The Future

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Controlling Environmental Impacts

SIG Policies, Programs, and Commitments on Environment

The Company understands that operational activities have an impact on the environment, both from the use of energy as the main factor of production and fabrication externalities in the form of emissions (greenhouse gases/GHGs, air pollutants, and dust emissions, and waste (solid and liquid). Company policy emphasizes the importance of environmental management to achieve energy efficiency, emissions control, and the reduction and utilization of B3 and / or non-B3 waste.

The Company’s sustainability includes the implementation of short-term and long-term corporate strategies in achieving the Company’s sustainable vision. The corporate strategy is formulated into 3 pillars +1, namely Construction Materials, Adjacent Business, and Regional Expansion, plus Cost Transformation. This pillar is supported by System and Structure. Strong People and Culture to achieve Commercial Excellence.

Company Program


Innovating, using the latest technology that is environmentally friendly, and contributing to the use of renewable alternative energy.


K3 & Manpower

SIG Policies, Programs, Commitments towards K3 & Manpower

Employees are an important element for the Company in order to achieve sustainability in the future. We prioritize investment in improving employee competencies at every level and function in line with the business strategy. This policy also applies to the formulation of remuneration initiatives and benefits for employees based on the provisions of the applicable legislation. Our commitment to creating Occupational Health and Safety (K3) performance is also a priority with achieving zero fatality accidents.

The Company has the responsibility of providing a safe place and facilities for employees and partners to avoid dangerous events in the company’s operational activities and mining operations. The Company is committed to managing Occupational Health and Safety (K3) to prevent occupational diseases and accidents. K3 management is very important to ensure healthy, safe and comfortable company activities. Maximum K3 performance has a significant impact on work hours for employees and work partners

The implementation of K3 activities includes verbal training and implementation of workplace accident prevention programs, including:

1. Short, Neat, Clean, Clean and Diligent Program (5R)

2. Increase employee knowledge/competency through General K3 Expert Certification, Boiler Operator Certification

3. Internal audit programs by Internal Audit and external audits by certification bodies once a year

4. Increasing the work unit P2K3 activities through the appointment of the K3 Ambassador

5. Conduct Safety Talk activities once a week in the work unit

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SIG Policies, Programs, Commitments towards Social & Society

Communities around the operational area or local community are an inseparable part of the Company as a social entity. The presence of local communities provides security and licensing impacts to operate. On the other hand, the presence of SIG Subsidiaries and Business Units in the regions has an indirect economic impact on improving people’s welfare, employment opportunities, and regional development. Therefore, the expectations of the government and the local community are very high towards the Company’s contribution as a BUMN

The Company runs a community development program on an ongoing basis in accordance with the strategic plan contained in the CSR blueprint. Innovations and improvements have been made in line with the implementation of the program, so that it can be replicated with some adjustments in other areas and have a significant impact on the socio-economic community.

In Company Policy, the Company is committed to controlling the impact of all business activities through community empowerment, the implementation of the Partnership and Community Development Program (PKBL), and compliance with all government regulations. The company also allocates funds to build infrastructure, facilities and infrastructure to improve the welfare of the surrounding community.

The Company prioritizes the implementation of 80% community development programs and 20% charity programs

Company Program


Prioritizing education, training, and mentoring to: building employees, local business partners, and local employment candidates through vocational education and skills.
Involving employees in various related fields to volunteer CSR programs through Employee Volunteering / Social Hour activities