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Corporate Governance

Statement of GCG Commitment

  /  Statement of GCG Commitment

The Company is assured that GCG implementation encourages the creation of a healthy competition and conducive business climate. In addition, the implementation of GCG is also an important part in supporting sustainable economic growth and stability. This understanding underlies the Company’s commitment to always uphold the

implementation of GCG in every level of the organization and its operational activities.

With high commitment and consistent implementation of governance, the Company can set itself free from Corruption, Collusion and Nepotism (KKN) and improve the supervisory function in managing the Company.

Management’s commitment to compliance with GCG is elaborated in a number of policies and related provisions, including:

  • All employees are required to be committed to implementing all rules and policies as part of efforts to implement best practices of corporate governance. Such commitment is displayed by the Top Management by always basing all key decisions and policies on relevant rules and laws.
  • Top Management shall sign of the Ethics and Compliance Statement, Conflict of Interest Statement and Share Ownership Statement to comply with the Company’s Code of Conduct. The Ethics and Compliance Statement shall be signed by all levels of the Company up to the executives.
  • Determine the KPI on GCG implementation.
  • Determination of duties and responsibilities of each function related to the planning, implementation, and management of the Company’s internal controls;
  • Management of the Company’s internal controls, target achievement, preparing policies on operating procedures and controlling disclosure, documentation, reporting, and providing written statements regarding the effectiveness of ICOFR and the results of periodic self-assessments.