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Audit Committee

The Company’s Audit Committee was formed by and responsible to Board of Commissioners. The main objective is to assist the implementation of supervisory function by the Board of Commissioners regarding financial reports, internal and external audit, internal control, and compliance in terms of legislation and regulations.

The establishment of the Audit Committee is an obligation for the company as determined on Constitution number 19 of 2003 regarding State-Owned Enterprises and Financial Service Authority Regulation No. 55 / POJK.04 / 2015 regarding Establishment and Guidelines for the Audit Committee’s Work Implementation.

The composition of Audit Committee as follows:

Chairperson : Aas Asikin Idat (Independent Commissioner)


                  • Muhammad Zainal Abidin (Professional)
                  • Sahat Pardede (Professional)

Nomination & Remuneration And GCG Committee (KNR & GCG)

Nomination & Remuneration ANd GCG Committee (KNR & GCG) as supporting party of the Board of Commissioner is working based on Financial Services Authority Regulation Number 34 / POJK.04 / 2014.

KNR & GCG’s role is to assist the Board of Commissioners of PT Semen Indonesia (Persero) Tbk. in providing supervisory recommendations and advisory to the Board of Commissioners. They have other certain specific tasks :

                  1. Decide the selection criteria and nomination procedures, also recommend the number and selection process regarding the Board of Commissioners and the Board of Directors,
                  2. Provide recommendation for the members of the Board of Commissioners and Board of Directors’ remuneration, and the supporting members of Board of Commissioners,
                  3. Provide supervisory input and advisory on Management and Human Resources Development of the Company,
                  4. Provide input on supervision and advice in the field of implementing the principles of Good Corporate Governance (GCG) in the Company.

The composition of Nomination & Remuneration and GCG Committee (KNR & GCG) as follows :

Chairperson : Nasaruddin Umar (Independent Commissioner)


                  • Lydia Silvanna Djaman (Commissioner)
                  • Satia Indrarini (Professional)

Risk Management and Investment Strategy Committee

Risk Management and Investment Strategy Committee is a committee formed by Board of Commissioners to assist on supervising and advising the Board of Directors on the overall management of the Company both in its entirety and in accordance with the laws and regulations and the Company’s Articles of Association, specifically for the organizing and implementing matters which is strategic, also ensure the implementation of risk management principles in the Company, analyzing and evaluating the Company’s investment plans.

The Composition of Risk Management and Investment Strategy Committee Members as follows :

Chairman: Astera Primanto Bhakti (Commissioner)


                  • Arief Prasetyo Edi (Commissioner)
                  • Sony Subrata (Commissioner)
                  • Arief Ibnu Nugroho (Professional)
                  • Adi Hartadi (Professional)

Corporate Secretary

The Corporate Secretary is a structural position under the Board of Directors and directly responsible to the Directors. The Corporate Secretary assists the Board of Directors in establishing good relations between the Company as an Entity with Regulators and capital market supporting institutions, investors, society and general stakeholders, and information regulators related to the Company's business.