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Corporate Governance

Result & Follow-ups on GCG Assessment Recommendations

  /  Result & Follow-ups on GCG Assessment Recommendations

Corporate Governance Results

The effectiveness of GCG implementation is reflected in the achieved results. The Company and our stakeholders have benefited from the implementation of GCG by achieving good financial and operational performance in 2019 as the following:

  1. The Company’s operating income grew by 31.5%
  2. EBITDA increased by 32.3%
  3. Total assets increased by 57.2%
  4. Equity increased by 3.9%
  5. Evaluation result for the quality of GCG implementation scored of 94.54


Follow-ups on GCG Assessment Recommendations

During 2019, improvements were made through follow-up actions taken by the Company upon the 2018 GCG Assessment recommendation:


Trends of the Score Results of the GCG Assessment

Summary results of the assessment/evaluation of GCG implementation of the Company from 2009 to 2019 using SOE Scorecard criteria are as follows: