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Corporate Governance

Ethical Standards And Anti-Bribery Practices (ISO 37001)

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SIG Ethical Standards

To ensure commitment for implementing a decent governance according to the best practices, SIG adopts the best standards in implementing corporate governance, both internationally and in Indonesia, including the criteria and methodologies which are set by the Ministry of Indonesian State-Owned Enterprises (Menteri BUMN), the Financial Services Authority (Otoritas Jasa Keuangan), and ASEAN Corporate Governance Standards. These standards regulate the role of Commissioners Board in carrying out its supervisory function, as well as the role of Directors Board in carrying out the management function. Also with other governance-related organs that work together to make all of the Company’s operational activities run in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations.

The Ethical standard of SIG is one of governance impletementation standards that must be acknowleged and signed by all SIG personnel, including the Board of Commissioners, Directors, members of Board of Commissioners Supporting Committees and every individual, who are signed in the Head Office and Business Unit.

Gratification Control and Anti-Bribery Management System (ISO 37001)

SIG received ISO 37001 certification in August 2020. The certification is valid for 3 years and a surveillance audit will be held annually to assess the performance and effectiveness of the anti-bribery management system implementation. Each department is required to have anti-bribery targets and make a bribery risk assessment (BRA). This initiative can support the achievement of sustainable living, by having business activities which free from corruption, they can have a positive impact on the ecosystem and a clean work environment.

As the largest building material solution provider in the region, SIG is committed for conducting business in compliance with applicable laws and regulations regarding gratification, bribery and corruption, according to the highest ethical standards by :

  1. Promising or giving something to public officials, business partners and other third parties within the scope of work is prohibited for any SIG personnel;
  2. Requesting a gift from individuals or organizations related to their duties in SIG is prohibited for any SIG personnel within the scope of SIG working environment;
  3. Increasing attentions in a good way, or in the base of reasonable belief without fear of retaliation;
  4. Establish the authority and independency of the Gratification and Anti-Bribery Control Team as the gratification control unit and the SIG anti-bribery management system.
  5. Meeting the requirements of the Anti-Bribery Management System and carry out continuous improvement;
  6. Prohibiting the punishment or retaliation against whistleblowers because of their concern for the Anti-Bribery Management System.

SIG is committed to supervising the policy, so that when this policy is not complied, this can result in serious actions in the form of disciplinary sanctions, termination of employment, civil and/or criminal violations.