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Complaint Mechanism

Whistleblowing System Report (WBS)

To improve the quality of transparency, accountability and fairness in the implementation of GCG, PT Semen Indonesia (Persero) Tbk. (“Company”) implements a Whistleblowing System (WBS) which can accommodate all complaints, complaints and reports from internal and external parties.

This mechanism is expected to be effective in encouraging community participation and company employees to be more daring to act to prevent fraud and corruption by reporting to the Company through the following channels:

Telephone: (031) 3981732 ext 3132 and / or ext 3028 and / or ext 5027

PO Box: SI 5000 Box (location on the page of the Company’s Office in Gresik)


Letter. Team for Reporting Violation Violation Reporting (TP3)

PT Semen Indonesia (Persero) Tbk. Jl. Veteran, Gresik 61122


Violation Reporting Handling Organization

The Board of Directors is responsible for the implementation of the violation reporting system in the Company and the Board of Commissioners is responsible for overseeing the implementation of the system. The Board of Directors and the Board of Commissioners jointly form a reporting organization of violations in the Company that are centralistic covering the management of reporting violations in the Company and in Subsidiaries. The viola-tion reporting handling organization consists of four main elements, namely:


The Violation Reporting Management Team (TP3), tasked with:

Receiving, registering and classifying violation reports based on the reported category Carry out the reporting protection program in accordance with the established policies, including maintaining the confidentiality of the reporter and reported party (presumption of innocence).


Maintain regular communication with the reporter.

Investigation Team, which consists of the Internal Investigation Team, External Investigation Team, and Subsidiary Investigation Team. Theoverall task is to conduct further investigations on the substance of the reported violations with the aim of finding and collecting the evidence needed to ensure that violations have occurred.


Board of Commissioners, with the main tasks:

Select, confirm (from the aspect of the type of violation, who does and completes the document) and verification, and decides whether the report will be followed up or archived for violations committed by Members of the Board of Commissioners, Board of Directors and Supporting Organ of the Board of Commissioners.


If a violation report is decided to be followed up, the Board of Commissioners:

Assign the Investigation Team to conduct an investigation, if the violation is committed by a Member of the Board of Commissioners (individual), the Board of Directors and the Supporting Organ of the Board of Commissioners, or Recommend to the Board of Directors (as the Shareholder of the Subsidiary) to follow up through the investigation process, if the violation is committed by the Board of Commissioners and Board of Directors of the Subsidiary.


Directors, with the main tasks:

Conduct selection, confirmation (from aspects of the type of violation, who carried out and completeness of the document) and verification, and decide whether the report will be followed up or archived for violations commit-ted by the Employee.

Assign the Investigation Team to investigate related violations committed by the Kornisarls Board, Directors and Employees of Subsidiaries.


Handling Violation Reporting

Handling the settlement of alleged violation reporting is carried out in accordance with the mechanism and criteria set out in the Guidelines for Violation Reporting System, namely the management process mechanism for reporting violations allegedly committed by:


Directors, Members of the Board of Commissioners (Individuals) and Supporting Organs of the Board of Commissioners Company Board of Commissioners (Board) Directors and Board of Commissioners of Subsidiaries Subsidiary employees Complaints related to the accounting process and financial reporting of the issuer or public company. The company grouped violations into three types of violations, with different handling, namely:


Category I (Economic Corruption and Crime), namely:

Criminal acts in the form of criminal acts of corruption that benefit themselves or other parties, fraud, abuse of authority related to the management and use of Company funds (financial fraud), bribery, gratuities and conflicts of interest committed by Company Personnel.

Violation of the accounting principles and processes and capital market authority regulations regarding financial statements, violations of taxation provisions and other similar provisions, acts of fraud or any action that can cause financial losses to the company and or other parties carried out by the Board of Directors and / or Board of Commissioners.

Category 2 (Acts of crimes related to general crimes), namely various forms of criminal / criminal acts as stipulated in the Criminal Code and other laws and regulations, including but not limited to theft, the use of violence against employees or leaders, extortion, drug use, harassment and criminal acts others include actions that endanger the safety and health of the company, the security of the company, and the life of the community and the environment carried out by Company Personnel.

Category 3 (Violations related to Company policy), namely all violations other than corruption and economic crime, as well as general criminal acts regulated in the Code of Ethics of the Company and in various policies and provisions / company operational procedures, as well as Employee Discipline Policies conducted by Company Personnel.


Protection for Reporters

The Company guarantees the confidentiality of the complainant’s identity, except if the disclosure is needed in connection with reports or investigations conducted by the authorities.

Employees who become Reporters and demonstrate good faith will be protected from dismissal, demotion / rank, harassment or discrimination in all forms and adverse records in their personal data files.

Anonymous submission of the report will still be received by the officer authorized to receive the report, but it must be realized that there is difficulty in clarifying, but the report will still be followed up according to the existing procedure.

The Company stipulates sanctions for the misuse of the WBS and affirms that the parties (both internal and external) who submit reports in the form of defamation or false reports will be given sanctions including legal proceedings and not obtain a guarantee of confidentiality or protection of the Reporting Party.