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Company Policy

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Company Policy

PT. Semen Indonesia (Persero) Tbk. as a company trying to in the industry, cements, mining, production, goods and services trading, energy, waste management investment and pemberiaan services relating to cement maker and/ or other industries have commitment to alwaYs imPrave additional value far atakenatders .in managing company, board of directors set a policy as follows:

GCG Roadmap

The Company consistently realizes various programs aimed at improving the quality of GCG implementation as part of the realization of the GCG implementation quality improvement program which is carried out in stages with the following description:


GCG Guidelines In order to improve the quality of GCG implementation. the Company has completed the governance infrastructure needed and continues to review and refine GCG soft structures. Soft structure consists of policies and guidelines for the implementation of GCG that are structured to ensure the improvement of the quality of GCG implementation in the management of the company. The soft structure policy framework includes the Board Manual. GCG Guidelines. Guidelines for Corporate Ethics, Guidelines / Charter of Committees Sup-porting the Board of Commissioners and other Guidelines.



In addition to guidelines related to the implementation of GCG. the Company also ensures that the Board of Directors and the Board of Commissioners sign a Ethics Compliance Statement, a Statement of Conflict of Interest, and a Share Ownership Statement. This statement is made and signed every year and every time there is a change in the management of the Company in accordance with the GMS decision.

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