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Changing Logo, Semen Indonesia Is Now A Provider of Building Materials Solutions

Jakarta, IDN Times – PT Semen Indonesia has officially introduced their new logo. Now they have changed their name to Semen Indonesia Group (SIG). The change of logo and name also marks the expansion of their business from cement companies to building materials solutions.

“The company wants to be at the forefront in providing the latest innovative building material solutions and added value in the Regional arena,” Semen Indonesia President Director Hendi Prio Santoso said at the Jakarta Convention Center on Tuesday (11/2) afternoon.

  1. Semen Indonesia offers innovative products
    The Head of the Communication Department of the Semen Indonesia Company, Sigit Wahono, said that the transformation of the Semen Indonesia business was carried out to address the growing needs of consumers. Besides developing an environmentally friendly way of operating, SIG is committed to developing ways of building that are able to guarantee sustainability in the future.
  2. Anticipation of excess cement supply
    This business expansion is also carried out by SIG to anticipate oversupply of cement because many cement factories operate. “We go further downstream. That’s our efforts for the foundation in the future can escape obstacles because oversupply. Because our products are more diverse,” said Finance Director Doddy Sulasmono.
  3. With the expansion of this business, SIG can save costs
    Besides this business expansion is also part of the company’s diversification. According to Doddy, by becoming a provider of building material solutions, SIG can save even more. “Then we are more economical. The principle is economic sharing. It does not always build and we continue to sell. Like now many people with economic sharing can get value but do not have to be like in the past how much investment how much it produces. So it is more efficient than all of them,” said Doddy.

Source: https://www.idntimes.com/business/economy/helmi/ganti-logo-semen-indonesia-kini-jadi-penyedia-solusi-bahan-bangunan/full