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Semen Indonesia Strengthens Group Synergy, Ready to Compete in Regional Markets

Jakarta, August 21, 2019 – Amid the competitive national cement market conditions, PT Semen Indonesia (Persero) Tbk managed to record sales volume up to July 2019 for the domesic cement market outside the Indonesian Build Solution (SBI) of 13.492 million tons. The Company’s export sales outside of SBI originating from Indonesian facilities reached 1.887 million tons.

While SBI domestic sales until July 2019 reached 5.396 million tons. While SBI exports reached 240,060 tons
The Head of the Ministry of Communication of the Indonesian Cement Company Sigit Wahono, during the 2019 Public Expose Live event in Jakarta today, Wednesday 21/08, explained that the company’s success in acquiring PT Solusi Bangun Indonesia Tbk, proved to be a strong catalyst in sustaining the group’s overall business performance.

“This is clearly seen from its contribution to the record sales volume of the group which reached 5.636 million tons, or equivalent to 26.51 percent of the total sales volume of Semen Indonesia Group,” said Sigit Wahono
While the company’s financial performance. During the first semester of 2019, the revenue of Semen Indonesia Group grew by 22.9 percent, to Rp16,351 trillion compared to the first semester of 2018 of Rp.13,308 trillion.
Revenue costs were also able to be reduced down by 2.4 percent along with the merger of PT Solusi Bangun Indonesia Tbk, so that the existing synergy can reduce the cost of sales per ton that must be borne.

“Some forms of group synergy that were able to be initiated since the joining of PT SBI include, procurement of coal that is more integrated at the group level so that it gets better and more competitive prices, rearranges the distribution network as a group to ensure optimal margins while reducing service costs that must be incurred companies and the reduction of clinker factors, “said Sigit Wahono.
Sigit Wahono added that Semen Indonesia Group is increasingly confident and optimistic in treading business potential going forward. In the midst of increasingly complex market challenges, the Semen Indonesia Group has strong capital in terms of stronger market dominance with the presence of PT SBI in the company’s network.

“The free market competition that is in sight with the arrival of foreign competitors has made the market control factor very important in strengthening the competitiveness of the company,” added Sigit Wahono.
Semen Indonesia Group is increasingly confident that the overall business performance of the company in the future will be even more potential and the company’s path to appear as a major player in the regional cement industry will be increasingly wide open.